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Vastu Shastra - Azusa, CA

 Vastu by Palki - Vastu Shastra - Azusa, CA image

Vastu is a set of architectural principles that originated in ancient India thousands of years ago. They center around the idea of establishing a connection between architecture and nature. I've been studying Vastu Shastra for many years and I've applied it for my own residences as well as those of my customers. I currently serve Azusa and the surrounding areas.

Vastu has been practiced for thousands of years with many famous landmarks in India using these principles. However, using Vastu principles in your home can bring many benefits including creating a more positive energy for you and your guests.

As a professional Vastu consultant, I'll consider your home's layout, design, free space and geometry and give you tips about improving your residence based on the teachings of Vastu Shastra. I've personally felt the benefits of Vastu and I've received a lot of praise for my services over the years and I'm confident that you'll benefit greatly from these services as well.

If you're ready to improve your home, or if you have any questions regarding Vastu Shastra, please give me (Palki) a call at (626) 818-3049.

For more information, please visit my main website.

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